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I've found these books to be instrumental in helping to create a more balanced and joyful life.  

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Grace has helped me make a career with improved balance in mind. After a decade as a corporate executive, I found balance missing from my toolbox.  Grace  helped me rediscover interests crowded out by busyness and fit them into my daily activities.  I learned that it's OK for an executive to play. Building enjoyment into activities that I regarded as "work" has made a tremendous difference.--Ann P.

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Take away the stress of what to make for dinner with my Favorite Family Recipes Cookbook.

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Discover how coaching can help you live in balance. Contact me to schedule a sample coaching session.

Take stock of the pluses and minuses in different aspects of your life. No accounting experience necessary!

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Each choice has the potential of bringing you closer to balance.

Work/Life Balance Coaching

How do you feel about the life you are creating while you  are making a living? Have you perfected the art of multi-tasking but lost your sense of self in the process?  What regrets do you have as a result of your overloaded life?

Coaching can help you manage the stress and reconnect to the joy of your work and personal life.  Grace helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs overcome overwhelm by cultivating a state of peaceful productivity.

Coaching can help you:

  • move from striving to thriving
  • bring all of who you are to what you do
  • focus on what's most important to you
  • get more done in less time
  • ​create and maintain habits to support success