Do you often feel:

  • overwhelmed by your busy schedule
  • exhausted from the demands of your life
  • like you can’t find or sustain motivation
  • eager to make changes but unable to move forward
  • like you’ve lost your spark

You could use a retreat!

A private, customized retreat invites you to step away from your busy life to slow down, reflect, and connect with yourself and what matters most to you. 



Intuitive Immersion: 

Inner Wisdom

Outer Focus

The day begins with promise,
moments unfolding,
inviting growing.
I ponder, play, and plan
as I become more of who I am.

Creative Immersion:

Writers' Retreat

Who will benefit?

Feel like you’ve lost your way?
Slow down to hear your inner voice and gain clarity

Long to immerse yourself in a project?
Enjoy the space, focus, and support to write, plan, or create

Ready for a change?
Step into a new, empowered way of being

Tired of getting in your own way?
Recognize and break through old patterns to move beyond doubt, limiting beliefs, and fear

Feel out of balance?
Return to center, feeling healthy, grounded, and energized

Want to feel like a queen for a day?

Grace generously offered up all her skills to create an individualized Wellness Immersion: Detox and Renew retreat program just for me. I felt like a “queen for a day” - both days I was there! My retreat included coaching, a relaxing Reiki treatment, a detox bath, learning and understanding the importance of a morning detox routine, and luxuriating in her outdoor hot tub.  

Grace prepared extremely nutritious meals and snacks, including de-tox drinks and whole food green smoothies. We also explored what foods are best for me.

I was surprised at the depth of insights I got from my experience. I learned new ways to live healthily, both through better nutrition and healthier habits. And I left with all the information, recipes, and resources I will need to continue to live in these new ways.—Laurie Geary

Wellness Immersion:

Detox and Renew

Online Academy

What you can expect 

You will come away from your retreat feeling peaceful, empowered, renewed, balanced, reconnected with your priorities, and committed to action.   You will return with new vigor and appreciation for the life you have already created or are now reinventing. You will learn new practices and come away with a written plan of next steps to continue moving forward.  

Each private retreat experience is customized from a rich assortment of activities, coaching exercises, meditations, and visualizations to ignite your spirit, soothe your weary soul, tap into your wisdom, and explore possibilities. You might choose introspection, recreation in nature, healing work, or creative activities.

Each person is the expert in their own life. We will customize an optimal retreat for  you Ultimately it will be your choice how you want to re-treat and re-create.


Private Customized Retreats 
for Inner Peace & Outer Focus

Connect – Reflect – Transform